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Zong Whatsapp kit Zong Pakistan is offering to you. CMPak Limited operates under the brand name Zong 4 G, is a Pakistani mobile data network operator operated by China Mobile, a Chinese government-.

It is China Mobile’s first oversea setup to run a GSM network in Pakistan in 2008 through the acquisition of a Millicom license. Zong is a 100 percent China Mobile subsidiary.

It is the second-GSM mobile service provider in Pakistan, and the third-service in terms of 34 million user base. It has a 21 percent market share of the country’s cellular operators

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Package

Now enjoy 4 GB WhatsApp Monthly on Pakistan’s No. 1 Data Network.

Make video & voice calls to any network on WhatsApp at just Rs. 38+Tax.

Zong gives the monthly WhatsApp users an inexpensive WhatsApp offer. This deal is known as the “Deal to Zong Monthly Whatsapp” and is used for the WhatsApp.

Zong provides its prepaid customers with a very enticing monthly what s app deal. It does not, however, sell its prepaid users a regular or weekly WhatsApp package.

For its users, Zong has launched many Whatsapp packages. It includes; Whatsapp Kit for the month. Each package has its own sense and advantages, users can subscribe to this package according to their wishes and communicate with their loved ones in a very fair and simple manner.

Keep on reading! Complete information about the Zong Monthly Whatsapp Kit is available here.

Simply dial* 247 #and experience all of the Zong Free WhatsApp apps on Pakistan’s biggest 4 G network anytime and everywhere.

At Rs. 38+Tax, Zong subscribers will enjoy all of the WhatsApp apps! Once, just dial* 247 #

Zong Free Whatsapp package details

Zong free Whatsapp offers info about how to subscribe to the Whatsapp deal from Zong, What is Zong Whatsapp packages code all info below.


Rs 38+t (Rs 50 Load Required)


4GB For Whatsapp


30 Days

Zong Whatsapp package code

To subscribe to the Zong Whatsapp service code you only have to dial* 247 #to subscribe to the monthly Zong free Whatsapp service.

Zong WhatsApp Package Unsubscribe Code

To unsubscribe from the offer Zong Whatsapp simply dial* 247 #and respond with 2 or send an SMS to 6464 by writing Unsub SM to unsubscribe from Zong’s monthly Whatsapp deal.

How to check Whatsapp remaining MBs?

To search the remaining Zong Whatsapp package MBs per month just dial* 102 #

What is the validity of the Zong Free Whatsapp Package?

The deal from Zong Whatsapp is in place for 30 days. It’ll automatically expire after 30 days.

Is Whatsapp free on Zong?

For Zong 4 G, Zong customers can make voice and video calls to Whatsapp. You can also chat, exchange data on Whatsapp for Rs 38+t charges for a whole month.

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All features of Zong Free WhatsApp offer:

  • Video & voice calls
  • Video sharing & downloading
  • Picture sharing
  • Text & voice messages

Data Usage Check:

  • Dial *102#
  • Charges 10 Paisa+Tax per inquiry


  • Validity rate out of Bundle= Rs 1+tax per MB
  • This deal is available to all Zong customers including Prepaid, Postpaid, MBB & Internet SIM
  • This offer is also auto-recursive
  • Your SIM is your identity; use only SIMs provided through Biometric Verification-
  • It is possible to report inappropriate and immoral (unreasonable) messages by sending the SENDER NUMBER (SPACE) message to 9000–PTA
  • The following Taxes / Charges will apply: the Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5 percent applies to each 19.5 percent recharge Sales Tax (GST) on use.

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