Ufone Call Packages

Ufone Call Packages

Ufone Packages

It is one of Pakistan’s leading telecommunication operators aiming to become the people’s best cellular alternative. Earlier we discussed the regular, weekly, and monthly Ufone SMS packages and in this article we will discuss the regular, weekly, monthly, 2020 Modified Ufone Call Packages.

Ufone Hourly Packages

Ufone also carries some hourly and U2U bundles for people who don’t like spending time talking to strangers. These extremely cheap Ufone call packages get you closer to those you love. Often, you want to speak to your kin about a significant matter, use the Ufone Hourly packages and share your feelings.

Ufone Call Packages Hourly

Power HourRs. 7.17 incl Tax60-net minutes+60 SMS+60 MB 1 Hour*99#
3 Pe 3 OfferRs.5 incl Tax Unlimited mins of Ufone & PTCL 2 Hours*343#


Ufone is introducing to talkies some important daily Ufone call packages. If you want to talk to your loved ones, the daily call packages are for you too. For hours, enjoy talking to your colleagues, as the regular call packages come with loads of minutes. Ufone gives you really good call offers. Below are the packets below.

Ufone Daily Call Packages

Daily Pakistan OfferRs.18 incl Tax100-net minutes+10 MB1 Day*888#
Beyhisaab OfferRs.10 incl TaxUnlimited On-net Minutes1 Day*5700#

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Some people do not want to go through the subscription process time and time again. Weekly call packages are great for them. Only subscribe today and enjoy the full week of tension-free calling. Based on your choice you may pick a bid to call. See the details below.

Ufone Weekly Call Packages

Asli Chappar Phaar OfferRs. 80 incl.tax100 on-net mints+100 SMS+1000 MBs7 Days*5050#
Weekly Pakistan OfferRs. 100 incl.tax 700 on-net minutes+100 MBs7 Days*8888#


Ufone offers on a monthly basis a range of Ufone call packages. You can subscribe to one monthly plan and spend the entire month without thinking about low equilibrium. You will use the full month of unlimited minutes. Get the subscription code and other information about these packages here.

Ufone Monthly Call Packages

Super CardRs. 5501000 U2U & PTCL Mins + 150 off net mins +1200 MBs + 4000 SMS30 DaysDial *250#
Super Card PlusRs. 5991200 U2U & PTCL Mins + 180 off net mins +2000 MBs + 4200 SMS30 DaysDial *240#
Monthly Pakistan OfferRs.418 incl Tax4000-net minutes+400 MB30 Days*8888#


Ufone Nayi Sim Offers Are Given Below

Ufone Nayi Sim Offers

SIM Lagao OfferUfone customers who have not used their SIM for over 60 days can avail it3000 On-net minutes+3000 SMS+3000 MB*5000#
Nayi Sim Double OfferRs.550/-2000-net minutes+8000 SMS+300 off-net min+2400 MB*141#
Nayi Sim Double OfferRs.599/-2400-net minutes+8400 SMS+360 off-net min+3000 MB*141#
Nayi Sim OfferFor all new Ufone Customers500-net minutes+500 SMS+25 off-net min+1000 MB*1000#

Additional Information:

  • ULoad can also use Super Card Plus, Super Card, Mini Super Card, Super Minutes and Super Internet
  • You can also buy Super Card Plus, Super Card and Mini Super Card via Credit / Debit Card from My Ufone App under the payment choice Bill.
  • Visit your closest supermarket to take advantage of Super Family offers
  • To find out the remaining minutes, SMS and Internet MBs, dial* 706 #or download My Ufone App to verify with validity information the remaining tools.
  • Super Card Plus purchase, Super Card & Mini Super Card is currently available with Full Access only, Full Access user name registration is required.

Terms And Conditions:

  • Offers apply only to prepaid customers
  • There are no Super Card Plus, Super Card, Mini Super Card, Mega Minutes & Mega Internet charges
  • Validity of Super Card will be 30 days
  • This deal does not involve calls made to voice bins, short codes, UAN and NTC numbers
  • Your SIM is your identity, using only SIMs provided through Biometric Verification-PTA

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