Telenor call packages

Telenor Call Packages

Telenor Packages

Telenor is Pakistan’s largest telecom company offering outstanding services in Pakistan. Telenor offering its customers fantastic call packages such as Telenor internet and SMS packages for their trusted customers ‘ deals.

Telenor Pakistan currently has a 45 million cumulative user base with a 28 per cent cellular market share in Pakistan and more than 1,900 employees. The corporation has made an investment of over $3.5 billion in Pakistan since its launch in 2005, and has paid more than PKR 300 billion in direct or indirect taxes to the country’s national exchequer.

Telenor gives its respected customers amazing call packages. Please refer to the full list of Telenor call offers below.


There are plenty of regular call pkg for Telenor users who need a few free minutes for an urgent mission, and far between. Either you want to discuss your task with your college friend or you want to have an hour or two to discuss the official matters. Telenor regular call deals give you ample speaking time for these tasks at various hours of the day. Check out all the regular call packages and choose the one that suits your needs perfectly. Telenor provides excellent and flexible regular call packages that meet the needs of the customers. Full details of Telenor’s daily call deals are here.

Telenor Good Time OfferRs. 72 HoursUnlimited on-net minutes for 2 hours (except 6pm to 9pm) 200 MB + 50 MB Facebook Available on: Full Day (except 6pm to 9pm)Dial:*345*20#
Telenor Daily OfferRs. 101 Day10,000 On-net minutes 20MBs Internet Valid from 6 AM to 6 PMDial *345*006#
Telenor Full Day offerRs. 181 DayUnlimited On-net calls 60MB for social network, 15MBDial *5*250#
Telenor Mini Budget PackageRs. 151 Day50 On-net minutes 4MBs, 300 SMS to all networksDial *240#
Telenor 100 Minute Mini Budget PackageRs. 181 Day 100 On-net minutes 300 free SMS to all networksDial *050#
  • Call setup fees of 12.5 paisa + tax paisa are paid on each call. These prices are in AJK and GB 12.5 paisa.
  • Mechanics of the product and rates are subject to adjustment at any time.


Just like regular call packages, incredible 3 day call packages are offered.
If you are interested in subscribing to Telenor 3-day call provides incredible 3-day call deals as it offers great daily call.

3 Din Sahulat OfferRs. 47.803 Days25 Offnet Minutes 250 Minutes SMS:250 50MB Internet along with 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & FacebookDial:*5*3#
3 Day Din Bhar OfferRs. 24.503 DaysMake unlimited calls to any Telenor number for 3 Days from 6 AM to 6 PM.Dial:*345*626#
3 Day Super hitRs. 34.003 DaysMake unlimited FREE on-net calls to your friends and family with the Telenor Superhit Offer. Free calls except 7pm-10pmDial:*345*299#
All in One OfferRs. 50.003 DaysRs 75 Balance for All Network Calls & SMS 500 MB 4GDial *2*20#
3 Day Onnet OfferRs. 30.003 Days250 Telenor Minutes SMS:500 SMS 15 MB (3G)Dial:*730#
Telenor 3/3 OFFERRs. 46.613 Days600 on-net minutes SMS: 300 50 MB (2G, 3G & 4G)Dial:*345*243#


Today Telenor provides amazing Telenor Weekly Call packages. A customer can trigger any of those packages of Weekly Call. So search the details pertinent to these shipments. For those who want to trigger a package only for seven days, weekly call packages are best.

There are several weekly call bundles for consumers with plenty of free minutes to fulfill their call needs. Here is Telenor’s Weekly Call Pkg info.

Haftawaar Chappar Phaar OfferRs. 90.007 Days1200 + 800 Onnet Mins 70 MB InternetOffer can only be activated through the website and My Telenor App.
Haftawar Sahulat OfferRs. 115.007 DaysOffnet: 70 Min 1000 Min On-Net SMS: 700 100MB internet along with 350MB Social PackDial:*5*7#
Telenor 2 Paisa Weekly OfferRs. 4.787 Days2paisa/sec for all networkDial:*345*227#
Seven Day Mini Budget OfferRs. 867 Days500 On-net minutes 1000 SMS, 50MBsDial *345*247#
Telenor EasyCard Weekly PackageRs 1507 Days1000 On-net minutes 1000 SMS, 50 Off-net minutes, 1000 MBs internet dataLoad a card to subscribe the offer


If you’re searching for Telenor Monthly Call deals, you’ll get full details of Telenor’s monthly call offers here. I hope you can enjoy this set but you can remain in touch with this page in case of any more updates.

An addict who needs to be in touch with family and friends? Your needs are not overlooked by Telenor. For various amounts of free minutes, it provides different call packages for you. Many packages come with free SMS and 30-minute internet packs. So, choose the one which best suits you. Here is the full information of Telenor calling pkg monthly.

Telenor EasyCardRs 45030 Days500 Telenor + PTCL mins, 50 Other Network mins, 500 SMS, 500 MBLoad an EasyCard to subscribe
Telenor EasyCard Plus Rs 60030 Days2000 On-net minutes 150 Off-net minutes, 2000MBs internet data, 2000 SMSLoad an EasyCard to subscribe
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala PackageRs 41830 Days3000 On-net minutes 3000 SMS, 300MBs internet dataDial *345*30#


Telenor also gives its customers amazing postpaid call packages. Here are full Telenor postpaid call pkg info.

SMART 3000Rs. 3,000.00+ Tax 30 DaysFree 2G/3G/4G: Free Any Network Minutes: 3600 Free SMS: 3000
SMART 1500Rs. 1,500.00+ Tax 30 DaysFree 2G/3G/4G: Free Any Network Minutes: 1800 Free SMS: 1500
SMART 1000Rs. 1,000.00+ Tax 30 DaysFree 2G/3G/4G: Free Any Network Minutes: 1200 Free SMS: 1000
SMART 600Rs. 600.00+ Tax 30 DaysFree 2G/3G/4G: Free Any Network Minutes: 700 Free SMS: 100
SMART 300Rs. 300.00+ Tax 30 Days Free 2G/3G/4G: Free Any Network Minutes: 300 Free SMS: 50

Terms & Conditions

  • Price is tax inclusive for AJK and GB.
  • Call setup charges of 12.5 paisa + tax paisa will be charged on every call. The rate in AJK and GB is 12.5 paisas.
  • Mechanical supply and prices can change at any time.
  • Telenor reserves the right at all times to withdraw the bid.

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Telenor is the one of best telecom operators in Pakistan which prides amazing services yo its users. Telenor is now providing the best call, internet and SMS packages as compare to pothers.

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